Rootconf Pune edition

Rootconf Pune edition

On security, network engineering and distributed systems

Sachin Shinde


“Infrastructure as Code” (IaC) via Azure DevOps (CI Server) pipeline using Terraform (Provisioning) & Salt Stack (Configuration) tool

Submitted Aug 2, 2019

In today’s fast paced software development world, we need underlying Infrastructure delivery also at same paced, that provide consistency , quality delivery of infrastructure component without compromising security requirements. Today we are living in cloud computing era, were the elasticity of the cloud paradigm and disposability of cloud machines should be truly leveraged.
Building production grade infrastructure is hard. And Stressful. And time consuming. Very time consuming. That’s were “Infrastructure as Code” (IaC) plays a vital role. The basic principle is that operator should not log in to a new machine and configure it from documentation. Rather, code should be written to describe the desired state of the new machine.
Trying to solve above problem with Single pipeline which is cloud agnostic to manage production ready infrastructure deployment using “Infrastructure as Code” for consistent & quality delivery of component with standards enforcement using Azure DevOps (CI Server), Terraform (Provisioning) & Salt Stack (Configuration) tool in shared environment.
The key takeaways for the talk are
1. Best practices for IaC
2. Difference between workflow of deploying Application and Infrastructure code
3. Choices of available Provisioning and Configuration Management (CM) tools
4. CI Server best practices. Tools and Technique to help teams to build a continuous delivery pipeline.

The intended audience for this talk are those who are starting their journey on cloud or already using cloud to deploy their infrastructure.


The focus of this session is to provide tools, techniques and various consideration while building stringent pipeline to deploy production ready infrastructure into cloud environment. Consideration include source control, reusable code, abstraction layer, least privileged approach and quick re-provisioning for Disaster recovery.
1. Our use case of infrastructure deployment on multi cloud environment
2. Provisioning Vs Configuration Management tool – Imperative Vs Declarative
3. Tools and techniques to be included in your development and delivery workflow
4. IaC security consideration and change management

Speaker bio

Sachin Shinde
Cloud Technologies Specialist | Schlumberger PITC | Data Platform

Shehzad Shaikh
Infrastructure Admin | Schlumberger PITC | Data Platform



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