Rootconf Hyderabad edition

Rootconf Hyderabad edition

On SRE, systems engineering and distributed systems

Sudipta Biswas


Service mesh and the future of microservices at scale.

Submitted May 5, 2019

As monolithic applications are broken down into self functioning units in the form of microservices, the paradigm of deployments for these applications have become truly distributed. While it provides the flexibility of operating /updating individual modules for easy maintenance, loose coupling and faster deployments, it also posses the challenge of managing them at scale. This gives rise to some very interesting use cases that were not possible earlier. Some examples of these are fault injection, circuit breakers, distributed tracing etc.

At Avi Networks we are developing a Universal Service Mesh using technologies like Istio, Kubernetes and OpenShift that is truly built for managing multi-Cluster and multi-cloud use cases from a single control plane.

Through this talk, we will look into the future of micro services based applications running at scale. We will present the evolving service mesh paradigm and discuss projects like Istio, OpenTracing and Kubernetes. We will additionally help with understanding how they work together to implement a service mesh. This in turn would help in visualisation, greater control and fault tolerance of truly distributed applications managed from a single control plane across sites in the cloud. Finally, we will demonstrate our experience of working with these technologies and how they can truly help solve network traffic issues and provide rich analytics of data for finer control in a distributed application environment.


  • Evolving software architecture from monolith to Microservices.
  • Challenges posed in managing microservices at scale.
  • Importance of traffic visualization, analytics and the role of load balancers.
  • Introduction to Service mesh.
  • Introduction to Istio, OpenTracing on top of Kubernetes for understanding a service mesh in reality.
  • Evolving future of service mesh for multi-cloud / multi-cluster use cases.
  • A look at how the industry is trying to solve the service mesh problem along with a look of AVI Network’s work in this domain.
  • Sharing some practical experience of working with a service mesh and problems at scale.

Speaker bio

Sudipta Biswas works at AVI Networks as a software designer leading the effort of building AVI’s Universal Service Mesh built on top of Istio and Kubernetes. Prior to this, Sudipta has worked extensively on product offerings around docker and kubernetes as a tech lead. He has also served as the maintainer of OpenStack Zun (OpenStack’s container project) besides contributing to core components of OpenStack for around 3 years. He has a total of 12 years of work experience and has worked extensively on cloud and related technologies for over 7 years. Outside of work, he is the vocalist of the Rock Band from Bangalore called Dark Project.



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