Rootconf Hyderabad edition

Rootconf Hyderabad edition

On SRE, systems engineering and distributed systems

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T-Hub, Hyderabad

About Rootconf Hyderabad:

Rootconf Hyderabad is a platform for:

  1. DevOps engineers
  2. Site Reliability Engineers (SRE)
  3. ML and data engineers
  4. Security and DevSecOps professionals
  5. Software engineers

to discuss real-world problems around:

  1. Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)
  2. Data and AI engineering
  3. Distributed systems – observerability, microservices
  4. Implementing Infrastructure as Code

Speakers from Flipkart, Hotstar, Intuit, GO-JEK, MadStreetDen and Trusting Social will share their experiences with the above challenges.

Event venue:

Rootconf Hyderabad will be held at T-Hub, IIIT-Hyderabad Campus, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana - 500032

Contact information:

For bulk ticket purchases,sponsorship and other inquiries, contact or call 7676332020


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For information about the event, tickets (bulk discounts automatically apply on 5+ and 10+ tickets) and speaking, call Rootconf on 7676332020 or write to


Flash talk: Dashboards as code

Sanooj Mananghat, DataSRE at Intuit

5 minutes20 November 2019

Deploying and managing CSP: the browser-side firewall

Lavakumar Kuppan, Founder of Ironwasp Security

41 minutes27 October 2019

Flash talk: Supporting utf8 characters in a utf8 mysql table

Ritikesh, Software engineer at Freshworks

5 minutes22 November 2019

Reading data from database

4 minutes22 November 2019

Flash talk: The consensus problem in distributed systems

Geethanjali Eswaran, DevOps engineer at Salesforce

4 minutes22 November 2019

Debugging distributed systems

6 minutes22 November 2019

Fast object distribution using P2P

Ankur Jain, Software engineer at Flipkart Cloud Platform

30 minutes22 November 2019

Taming infrastructure workflow at scale

Anubhav Mishra, Technical Advisor to the CTO at Hashicorp

39 minutes22 November 2019

Achieving repeatable, extensible and self serve infrastructure at Gojek

Tasdik Rahman, Product engineer at GO-JEK

41 minutes22 November 2019

Observability and control theory

Piyush Verma, SRE head at

42 minutes22 November 2019

Scaling for 25 million concurrent viewers

Gaurav Kamboj, Cloud architect at Hotstar

39 minutes10 October 2019

Designing microservices around your data design

Jambunathan V R, Director of engineering at MadStreetDen

35 minutes22 November 2019



T-Hub Building, IIIT-H Campus, Gachibowli


Hyderabad - 500032

Telangana, IN


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T-Hub, Hyderabad

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