Rootconf 2018

Rootconf 2018

On scaling infrastructure and operations

Dealing with legacy systems – Q&A session with Pooja Shah, Kashif Razzaqui and Vivek Sridhar

Pooja Shah, Kashif Razzaqui and Vivek Sridhar

13 minutes11 May 2018

Doing better DevSecOps – Q&A session with Alisha Gurung, Derick Thomas and Shamim Reza

Alisha Gurung, Derick Thomas, Shamim Reza

15 minutes11 May 2018

Dealing with a (failing) dependency

Soubhik Bhattacharya

45 minutes11 May 2018

Handling large scale security – Q&A session with Rachna Khaira, Pukhraj Singh and Derick Thomas

Rachna Khaira, Pukhraj Singh, Derick Thomas. Moderated by Kiran Jonnalagadda

1 hour11 May 2018

Securing your infrastructure better – Q&A session with Colin Charles, Pukhraj Singh and Shamim Reza

Colin Charles, Pukhraj Singh, Shamim Reza

17 minutes11 May 2018

Keynote 2: Death of enterprise security: introduction to abstraction and machine-to-machine orchestration

Pukhraj Singh

1 hour11 May 2018

Increase test coverage with each code push; no more cry on legacy code with a simple utility

Pooja Shah

19 minutes12 May 2018

Immutable infrastructure on AWS using HashiCorp

Kashif Razzaqui

41 minutes12 May 2018

On ground realities of Aadhaar

Rachna Khaira

49 minutes11 May 2018

Architecting infrastructure for scale and collaboration – Q&A session with Devi ASL, Swapnil Dubey, Kashif Razzaqui

Devi ASL, Swapnil Dubey, Kashif Razzaqui. Moderated by Rishu Mehrotra

30 minutes11 May 2018

Growing with Elasticsearch

Devi A S L

30 minutes11 May 2018

The security myth of IPv6 and DNS64

A. S. M. Shamim Reza

29 minutes11 May 2018

Compute Intensive applications on DC/OS

Swapnil Dubey

45 minutes12 May 2018

Job scheduling at Helpshift with Jenkins

Vineet Naik

20 minutes16 May 2018

Expand Contract Pattern for Continuous Delivery of Databases

Leena S N

18 minutes11 May 2018

Throttling requests before they hit your application

Aditya Patawari

20 minutes11 May 2018

Distributed tracing with Jaeger at scale

Vivek Sridhar

31 minutes11 May 2018

Building a reliable and scalable metrics aggregation and monitoring system

Vishnu Gajendran

42 minutes11 May 2018

Hunt down the evil of your infrastructure

A. S. M. Shamim Reza

15 minutes11 May 2018

Keynote 1: Securing your database servers from external attacks

Colin Charles

1 hour11 May 2018

How to do better systems security

Alisha Gurung

31 minutes11 May 2018

Invisible security: how ISPs keep you and their network safe

Derick Thomas

50 minutes11 May 2018
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