Rootconf 2018

Rootconf 2018

On scaling infrastructure and operations

Derick Thomas


Invisible security: how ISPs keep you and their network safe

Submitted Mar 25, 2018

What ISPs do behind the scenes are invisible to most people. There are a lot of things which they do to keep their network safe and your data safe. These practices evolved over a period of time. In the recent decade, enterprises have moved their network from the traditional Internet based links to sophisticated MPLS based VPN. Many technologies they use in their network can be deployed in your data center as well, if you require traffic segregation and access control.

This talk is about some of those practices they use in their network to keep your data safe. At the end of the talk, you will gain an understanding about the risks of using a telco service, a few security practices you can deploy in your data center and some key questions you can ask your ISP to ensure that they deliver what you need.


Please refer to the outline slides.


This talk will be useful for people who handle mutli-location offices and data centers.

Speaker bio

I joined VSNL as a network engineer in 2006. Worked in their network division for a few years and moved to Bharti Airtel’s B2B business division for a few more years. I worked as a Business Solutions Consultant, who interacted with IT Managers and CIOs for their business needs.



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