Rootconf 2017

On service reliability

Burzin Engineer


Mesos, KVM and the story of Infrastructure at PhonePe

Submitted Jan 24, 2017

PhonePe is a mobile payment solution based on NPCI UPI. Phonepe infrastructure runs on a combination of docker containers, VMs and baremetals. This talk focuses on an internal cloud solution which helps manage the various components using mesos.


Brief Introduction to PhonePe Infrastructure 5m

  • Layout of applications on Mesos with Marathon Framework exclusively on containers, exlusively implementing business logic, written in java or nodejs.
  • Applications on VMs (Egs: loadbalancers )
  • Applications on Baremetal servers (Egs: Databases)
  • Core Infrastructure components (routers,firewalls,tunnels,dns,dhcp etc)

The Problem 5m

  • Devops needs to manage an environment that consists of containers, virtual machines and Baremetals seamlessly.
  • Need to manage resources like CPU, Memory, private IPs
  • Constraints like tenancy, apps on SSD, PCI etc.
  • Multiple Operating Systems/Versions

Mesos Frameworks 12m

The big picture 12m

  • PhonePe Cloud Implementation
  • Multiple Environments(staging,integration)
  • Multiple DataCenters
  • How does everything i.e., the application mesos cluster, the virtual machine cloud and the baremetals tie into a single seamless infrastructure
  • Short update on integration of DNS

Q & A 5m



Speaker bio

Burzin Engineer is the cofounder and Chief Reliability Officer at PhonePe.



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