Rootconf 2017

On service reliability

Necessary tooling and monitoring for performance critical applications

Submitted by Manan Bharara (@mananbharara) on Feb 2, 2017

Section: Full talk of 40 mins duration Technical level: Intermediate Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


In a competitive market which is heavily based on trust and confidence, ensuring stable performance becomes important. However, with Continuos Delivery and frequent deployments, making sure that something doesn’t break becomes a hard problem to solve.

The audience can look forward to an understanding about the performance and error monitoring setup at, a hugely successful e-commerce application in Germany. I plan to share experiences around how the monitoring set up is able to equip the developers with enough knowledge to debug and fix critical performance issues before the users could see and how we used such metrics to create automated alarms to alert project teams about any performance problems as well as security threats. The monitoring setup that I plan to discuss is completely based off multiple open-source projects put together to create a solid and reliable monitoring and alerting framework.

I also plan to share thoughts on how data mining concepts of Anomaly/Outlier detection can be applied to granularly identify potential risks with the fastest feedback possible.


Speaker bio

I’m a senior developer at ThoughtWorks. I have experience working with a variety of technology stacks and varying infrastructure set ups. I like to place a strong emphasis on ensuring quality and performance through the use of modern day tools, preferably open-source. I firmly believe that in a competitive market like e-commerce, ensuring stable performance becomes important and that not having proper metrics in place could have an adverse effect on the success of an application.

I also like to share learnings with the wider community and to talk at conferences about tools, practices and techniques that ensure better performance. I’ve also coached at events like RailsGirls, JavaScript meetups etc.



  • Philip Paeps (@trouble) 3 years ago

    This is a promising proposal, thank you!

    I have not watched your video yet but based on the outline, I would probably like to see a little bit more low-level information. Can you point out particular features of the tools you’re using that set your solution apart from everyone else’s? Are there specific metrics you’re capturing which you think others have not thought of? Why are those metrics relevant in your setup (and maybe not in others)?

    • Philip Paeps (@trouble) 3 years ago

      Having watched the video, I think my concerns are adequately addressed. Very interesting talk!

      • Manan Bharara (@mananbharara) Proposer 3 years ago

        Glad you found it interesting!
        During our work, we figured that the metrics we capture can be categorized according to the need they help fulfill. This way we discovered categories that most all-in-one out-of-the-box solutions miss capturing, but ones that are of utmost importance in an e-commerce setup.
        Apart from this, I would also be talking about focused technologies for storage, visualization and alerting. Also, about the practices and discipline that made such a solution effective during everyday work.

  • saurabh hirani (@saurabh-hirani) 3 years ago

    Would it be possible to have a demo setup which implements the stuff/tech you mentioned? May or may not apply depending on the depth/breadth you are planning to cover. But I feel that something that the audience can walk away with. I’ve felt that a good-take-away always sticks well against a demo setup.

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