Rootconf 2015

DevOps and scaling infrastructure

Kamalika Majumder


Environment on Demand - Building Blocks to your own private cloud

Submitted Mar 5, 2015

Overview of infrastruction automation, how it plays a key role in any organisations environment, how it can be achieved.
At the end of this session we will have a good idea of how to build a scalable and automated environment on demand.


In this session I will talk about:
1.What is Environment on Demand
2.Why is it so important for a scalable environment.
3.Key factors on the way to achieve environment on demand for apps .How you can build your own private cloud.
4.Demo using of Openstack, Vmware, Docker.Link to demo:

Mindmap link:


Basic understanding of infrastructure automation (e.g tools like Openstack)
hypervisors (e.g vmware,kvm etc)
Configuration Management Systems (e.g chef)
CI(Continuous Integration) systems

Speaker bio

I am an Infrastructure Developer and a Senior Consultant with Thoughtworks. I started my carrier as a System/Network Administrator and moved on to Infrastructure Automation across private and public clouds (AWS, Openstack, Cloudstack). I work closely with project teams to design and implement their project infrastructure and interact with customers to ensure that our solutions seamlessly work in development and production environments. I am also interested in Infrastructure and Application Security, IaaS, PaaS and Continuous delivery.


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