Rootconf 2015

DevOps and scaling infrastructure

Pooja Shah


Does your product work fantastically everywhere !

Submitted Mar 3, 2015

Scaling Test Automation Across Platforms and exploring Continuous Integration

  • Parameters to check to ensure the quality of app across platforms & across browsers
  • Is taking multiple releases live daily a pain! especially when scalability is of concern!
    Come, lets hear the challenges we have faced @goibibo & watch live demo of what we did and doing to resolve them.


Mobile is taking over the world and my app works awesomely on all browers in windows machine :-)

Wait a second! OMG! it breaks on Android !!!
Holy Jesus! did we test on firefox version 30.0 on MAC machine ??

I surely need 5 points to ask someone :-|

  1. Where are our Automated Tests which can test on web & mobile cross platform/browser before the release goes live?
  2. Can Unit Tests alone make sure to have the app working on android 4.4.4, 3.0, ios & windows as well?
  3. Won’t the backend release going live hamper my front end app which is already in appstore from a month ?
  4. Where is the plan to reduce Time To market?
  5. Where is the Continuous Integration, where is the Test feedback! is Jenkins helpful for the same?


  • A zeal to make Quality Assurance(QA) a better process and few skills that’s all it takes.
  • Experience with Jenkins, Automated Tests and the its pain is a plus.

Speaker bio

An automation nerd, working with Loves to figure out ways to improve quality of the product by hook or crook.


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