ReactFoo 2019

ReactFoo 2019

A gathering of over 250 web and mobile developers working with React

Boris Litvinsky


The ultimate guide for Software Procrastination

Submitted Jul 17, 2018

Software development is a process comprised of decisions made by the developers. But despite the the fact that some decisions can have a long-lasting, crippling effects on our app, we make most of them based on guesses.

But what if the best decision is indecision? What if You could postpone most of your decision until you gather enough facts in order to make the optimal one?

In this talk, we will learn why deferring decisions can result in a much better, simpler code base. We’ll see examples of decisions we think we have to take on day 1 of the project, yet, can (and should) be postponed and see how practices like Spikes and the right design of your application will allow that to happen.


Introduction - 5 minutes
The Why - 5 minutes
Examples of stuff that can be postponed - 5 minutes
Real Options - 5 minutes
Enablers: 5 minutes
The Cost: 5 minutes

Speaker bio

Boris services as Tech Lead at Wix, working on products empowering over 120 million websites. During his career, Boris got a chance to work in companies of various sizes – from a garage-stage startup to a colossal corporate environment. Boris believes that a product’s internal code quality has a direct impact on its external quality – the business value the product gives the management and the product owner. That’s why he has an immense passion for well-written, highly maintainable, well-tested code.



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