ReactFoo 2019

ReactFoo 2019

A gathering of over 250 web and mobile developers working with React

About ReactFoo Bangalore:

ReactFoo Bangalore comes back to its original home after completing five successful editions, India-wide:

  1. ReactFoo Bangalore - September 2017
  2. ReactFoo Pune - January 2018
  3. ReactFoo Hyderabad - March 2018
  4. ReactFoo Mumbai - May 2018
  5. ReactFoo Delhi - August 2018

ReactFoo Bangalore will bring together over 250 developers working with React, and who are invested in building a space for conversations around experiences using React in production.
ReactFoo Bangalore is a single-day, single track conference with talks, office hours and Birds of Feather(BoF) sessions. Workshops will be held on 1 and 3 March, before and after the conference.

Who should attend ReactFoo:

  1. Front-end engineers
  2. Teams and companies who are evaluating frameworks to use for running applications in production
  3. Cross platform mobile developers

ReactFoo provides you the opportunity to:

  1. Learn from and network with peers from the industry
  2. Gain insights from case studies of practical implementation, and evaluate ReactJS and React Native for your work
  3. Understand how to run React in production, end-to-end, rather than only build an application with React

Hosted by

A community - for and of - front-end engineers to share experiences with ReactJS, performant apps with React, crafting better User Interfaces (UI) with React and GraphQL ecosystem. ReactFoo also discusses design patterns and user experience. more

Govind Gupta


The Microservices Approach to Mobile Application Development using react-native

Submitted Nov 9, 2018

Implementing mobile application using react -native. Writing code in same repository again and again. After some time, We are not able to understand our code and it is very diffcult to resolve bugs.
To resolve this problem, divide code into multiple repository and use in main application.


I am senior developer in MNC company and developing a project using micro services. So do not write all code into single repo. Create multiple running application and combine all.

Speaker bio

Govind has more than 8 years of experience in mobile technology, specially in iOS app development. He has a good command in react native solution for iOS and android mobile devices.



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Gaurav Agarwal

Redux: Saga vs Thunk

Saga and Thunk are the two most popular middlewares for React. Thunk takes a callback approach vs Saga, which takes a iterators and generators based approach. This talk will also provide a gentle introduction to generators and iterators in ES9. more

21 Nov 2018