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Nishant Arora


I wanted to understand how Frontend frameworks work, so I built my own

Submitted Aug 14, 2019

All of are great at using frameworks like React, Vue, Angular, and a hundred others in the ecosystem. I am too.
But, I noticed I knew about some concepts but had little to no idea about how these frameworks actually function internally. In classic overengineering fashion, the best way to understand something, is to build it. We’ll talk about some theory (coz that’s important too), and then move on to a code walkthrough of building your own frontend framework.


We’ll start with understanding basic concepts of these frontend frameworks. Ranging from Reactivity, Virtual DOM, JSX, Renderers etc.
Then, move on the implementing some/all of these in code.
In the end, we shall have a better understanding of how frameworks work, and would’ve built our own to show for it.

Also, we’ll be in a position to understand the level of complexity that’s abstracted out for us by the awesome framework developers, and would be able to have a better understanding of the decisions that go behind things like these.

Speaker bio

Software Engineer - II at Atlan (, where I’m helping build a home for data teams. Sometimes I find time to do some open source, and random experiments trying to understand the abstractions around me. On github, and on Twitter


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