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Yeswanth S


Moving your React-Native App to Production

Submitted Oct 21, 2017

Alrighty! So, you have learnt React-Native and built an App and you are looking to launch it to market. What are the key things to do before production? How do you decipher Crashlytics logs? What analytics should I build into my App? What are the common Code-push know-hows and practices ?


Once you have built your React-Native App, you will need to worry about how to move it to production This talk will cover the following topics


  • How to setup crashlytics logs
  • Understanding Js stacktraces
  • Understanding native stacktraces (Android & iOS)


  • What analytics should you capture for your App?


  • What know-hows and dev-ops practices should you follow?
  • Code-push signing to secure your Javascript bundle


  • Android specific code-obfuscation and apk splitting


  • Should have knowledge of React-Native
  • Should have atleast built a mobile app

Speaker bio

I’m a software developer from India. I’ve been working on React-Native for more than a year. I have a production React-Native App with more than 1 million downloads Link. This App was initially written with Android native code. Only very recently, we(my company and I) rewrote the entire App and released it to public. The talk is a list of ToDos and lessons from the launch. We’re also working on releasing our iOS React-Native App to public.


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