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Load, Plug and Play: Video Streaming and React

Submitted Nov 6, 2017

Single Page Apps were quite a revolution with the introduction of frameworks like Ember, Backbone and Angular JS. Flash also is outdated having already outlived its lifetime.HTML5 video has become the de-facto standard for streaming on the web. And modern browser API’s facilitate development of efficient video streaming solution that offer content rights protection and host of integrations.

JS Frameworks have come a long way with frameworks like React, Vue which allow for “universal” rendering and “virtual DOM” abstraction. Developing a product should offer developers the joy of development while also ensuring that the user experience is the best.

This talk offers insight into leveraging technology for providing improved user experience and also improved coding satisfaction.


  • Previous tech stack of our website(AngularJS+Flash)
  • Limitations we faced with the previous stack
  • Key Pain Points.
  • Benefits we wanted with our new tech stack
  • Reason for selecting the React+Flux approach over Angular2/Vue
  • An intro to organising the various components & routes based bundling
  • Advantages of migrating to the React+Flux framework
  • Other improvements we intend to bring in the coming days
  • Key Learnings we had from adopting React



Speaker bio

Krunal and me are Web Developers working at Hotstar, one of the leading streaming solutions in India. In our experience spanning 6+ years, we have worked with the latest JS frameworks. We have worked with React in the past 2 years building CRM solutions, customer facing websites, charting solutions using various Flux frameworks. The intricacies invloved in streaming video, let alone the rights management or the ad stitching are hardly known to Many developers. In contrast, video streaming based entertainment has become the primary form of entertainment for the masses. We would like to illustrate to the React community and developers a solution that offers them the ease of just using a React component to see their favorite video play



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