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Siddharth Kshetrapal

Siddharth Kshetrapal


Learn React the right way

Submitted Dec 3, 2017

It’s easy to get lost without proper guidance and path to follow.

On the surface, React may look like just a view library, but there is big ecosystem that revolves around it.

This workshop starts with understanding the basic internals of React before exploring how to “think in React”,

best practices and solutions to real problems that you will experience while building an application.


Stage 1:

Technically, it’s possible to write a React app without the latest version of JavaScript, but it won’t be easy. We’ll learn the good parts that make it easier to write maintainable code with React. Let’s also find the reason behind React’s popularity, what makes it so good?

  • ES6

  • Fundamental concepts of React

  • Virtual DOM

Stage 2:

Learning the methods of React is important, but useless without learning how to “think in React”. Let’s understand the patterns that make your components extremely reusable and your application more declarative.

  • Thinking in React

  • Components + JSX

  • Props

Stage 3:

Let’s take things to the next level and explore how to build real world applications that handle state and deal with data. If you have heard of state management libraries like redux or mobx, you’ll learn how and more importantly when to use them to get the maximum benefit.

  • Class components

  • State & Lifecycle methods

  • Data fetching

Stage 4:

Wrap things up with making your application maintainable and future proof with testing. This is also where we explore potential performance bottlenecks that infest React applications.

  • Architecture patterns

  • Performance

  • CSS-in-JS

  • Testing with jest and enzyme

  • State management libraries like redux and mobx

(Can share slides privately with the organisers)


This workshop is for developers who have an understanding of javascript, looking to get started with React or moving from a different framework like angular, ember, etc.

A laptop with Node 8+ and npm 3+

Speaker bio

Building design systems @auth0 ∙ ex @practo ∙ Built bundlesize & cost-of-modules ∙ Makes youtube videos ∙ Co-organises @ReactBangalore ∙ plays football, noob surfer


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