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Nabendu Karmakar


How React shaped Haptik’s frontend story

Submitted Dec 7, 2017

At Haptik, we use React extensively. In fact, 5 out of our 5 heavy lifting customer facing Apps are written in React.

But this was not the case always, we had to try a whole lot different technologies to fail and then move to React 2.5 years back only to succeed. React has, in fact, made our frontend journey very simple.

This talk will revolve around how React has helped a startup to build and ship great bug-free and good looking products. How React eased our process to get started, our learnings to build extensible products and things we did wrong (and learned from).

We wish to give back to the same React community who has helped us grow extensively in our journey.


This talk revolves around how Haptik has achieved great success using React --

  1. Will talk about frontend use-cases we have at Haptik.
  2. Issues we faced - the need for a solid, production-ready framework.
  3. React coming into the picture.
  4. How (as backend engineers) we started using React 2.5 years back when it was pretty new.
  5. How we use React now.
  6. Our key learnings.
  7. Must-have and must dos when we choose a frontend stack and how React passes every time.
  8. Our approach when composing and architecting a React project.
  9. Our go-to libraries and their use cases.
  10. Things that we ignore while coding in React.
  11. React for startups.
  12. Future of React in general and future of React in Haptik.


A basic understanding of React and/or any other javascript framework.

Speaker bio

Nabendu is a Senior Fullstack Engineer with a experience of more than 5 years in building scalable and extensivle products. He’s currently heading the React team at Haptik Inc. and is associated with React for more than 2 years.

A tech evangelist, Nabendu loves to create stuff, solve complex problems and build scalable solutions. Currently he is very busy pushing great conversational UIs.



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