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Mayank Raj


Thinking Reactively with RxJS

Submitted Mar 22, 2018

Reactive programming is a established and efficient way to handle data streams. Understanding it and correct implementation makes otherwise complex program easy to read, maintain and test. JS community has been appreciating the ease it brings in with Angular, React-redux etc adopting it.


We start off by introducing what reactive programming is, explains the core concepts and key terms of the style of programming - data streams, observables, observers, operators, subjects, subscription etc We then go ahead to see how we set up each of these components, how to connect them and how the data flows among them With this understanding we can now compare Reactive components with promises and look at the problems it solves Next we see how RxJS implementation works. We understand various reactive components in terms of RxJS To get a better hands-on idea, we take a look at the implementation of a real world example with a relatively complex logic in RxJS



Speaker bio

I started off with android rom development, was a device maintainer for CynogenMod before it blew up. A small freelance project for a startup got me into web development. I’ve been consulting in web domain ever since, taking up training sessions, both online and offline and hacking around in general. I’ve consulted couple of multi-billion dollar companies.
Everything I know is self-taught, I know firsthand how important role the community plays when it comes to learning new technologies in this fast paced environment and I like to give back to it in whatever form I can.



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