ReactFoo Mumbai

ReactFoo Mumbai

On React, alternatives to React, ReactNative and front-end engineering

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ISDI ACE, Mumbai

About ReactFoo Mumbai

ReactFoo Mumbai is an event for JavaScript, front-end adnd mobile engineers. The conference will feature talks on:

  1. Latest features of React
  2. Webpack, GraphQL and Apollo
  3. React Native
  4. Front-end workflows and design systems
  5. CSS and React


ReactFoo Mumbai is a single-day event with full-length and crisp talks, and Birds Of Feather (BOF) sessions on how to grow your career as a front-end engineer, and on state management.

On 27 May, we are hosting a hands-on workshop on GraphQL and Apollo conducted by Kiran Abburi. Workshop tickets have to be purchased separately.

Who should attend

  1. JS engineers from enterprises.
  2. JS engineers from startups.
  3. Architects.
  4. Cross-platform mobile developers.
  5. Front-end engineers.

Why you should attend?

  1. To learn from and network with peers from the industry.
  2. To gain insights from case studies of practical implementation, and evaluate ReactJS and React Native for your work.
  3. To program better with React and React Native.

If you are attending ReactFoo Mumbai, submit a flash talk – of 5 mins – about a project you are working on or a tool you have discovered and that you’d like the community to benefit from.


ReactFoo Mumbai conference – 26 May 2018 at ISDI DICE, Lower Parel, Mumbai.
GraphQL and Apollo workshop – on 27 May 2018 at Endurance International, Goregaon, Mumbai

Contact details:

For more information about speaking, ReactFoo, sponsorships, tickets, or any other information contact or call 7676332020.

Event website:

Hosted by

A community - for and of - front-end engineers to share experiences with ReactJS, performant apps with React, crafting better User Interfaces (UI) with React and GraphQL ecosystem. ReactFoo also discusses design patterns and user experience. more

Mayank Raj


Tearing down & exploring - RsJS

Submitted Mar 22, 2018

RxJS has grown into popularity in the recent years. There are a lot of resources to get started with RxJS. This coupled with the fact that the library exposes very clear set of API’s, its extremely easy to start writing with observables. This talk digs deep into the concepts of RxJS, by building it.


This talk starts off with going over some basic concepts of reactive style of programming and then quickly jumps into much more intermediate/advanced level topics. It talks about how observables, operators etc are just sets of functions and how we can build them from scratch easily. It helps enforce one of the core and central idea of observables that observables are lazy in nature, by explaining the architecture that supports it. We then move on to distinguishing design patterns and how the data should be handled. With supporting demo, we then explore the concept of Hot&Cold Observables and higher order observables.

Finally, to show all these concepts in action a multiplayer demo is shown with the code.


Knowledge about reactive programming

Speaker bio

I’m a self taught web designer and developer. I first became obsessed as well as fascinated with the capability of programming during my brief period as a android root user in XDA-Developers. I was a part of cynogenmod team before it blew up. Soon I moved over to the web domain and it has given me the opportunity to explore something new everyday. I started off as a UI/UX developer and slowly moved towards backend. I worked briefly as a freelancer and got the opportunity to give startups in my city the online presence they needed. I then moved on to contractual based roles. Having had the opportunity to explore AWS products recently, I have found this domain of the web interesting as well. I’ve independently consulted Directi and now consulting Cactus Communications, both multi billion dollar companies.




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Mayank Raj

Thinking Reactively with RxJS

Reactive programming is a established and efficient way to handle data streams. Understanding it and correct implementation makes otherwise complex program easy to read, maintain and test. JS community has been appreciating the ease it brings in with Angular, React-redux etc adopting it. more

22 Mar 2018