ReactFoo Hyderabad

On React, alternatives to React, ReactNative and front-end engineering

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T-Hub, Hyderabad

Sponsored talk: Presto – building cross platform transactional apps using functional programming.

Naman Kalkhuria

26 March 2018

Journey of A side project to a DIY platform.

Aakash Goel

Sponsored talk: We made it easy for you! Painlessly develop and deploy your react app using Hasura.

Praveen Durairaj

25 January 2018

Next-gen React state management with MobX State Tree.

Prashant Tiwari

26 March 2018

Demystifying higher order components and render props.

Nitish Phanse

21 March 2018

Profiling and optimizing performance of React applications.

Sachin Chopra

26 March 2018

Leveraging Redux in Angular2 application.

Ankita Goyal

22 March 2018

React to Vue: why and how?

Rahul Kadyan

22 March 2018