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Aakash Goel


Journey of A side project to a DIY platform

Submitted Feb 3, 2018 was an Indian e-commerce price drop alerting system. It was used by over 7.5k users, and at shutdown, it had sent over 6,50,000 price drop alerts. This talk will walkthough the learnings I had as a solo developer/entreprenuer in building a product for Indian consumers - with both technical and business aspects to it. I’ll talk about how I built and scaled a full stack JS application over a span of 3 years - managing NodeJS servers, MongoDB, Android and iOS apps, Web clients (including a website, bookmarklet and a twitter bot). We’ll then look at replicating core product offerings by adopting a serverless architecture using Zeit Now, AWS Lambda and Google Firestore. This talk covers technical, growth marketing, and business aspects of building a product and is, therefore, intended for anyone interested in listening to a real story behind a real product.


This talk would be variant of the talk presented during JSFoo 2016 titled - “Scaling from 0 to 500,000 price drop alerts”. It’ll cover what was presented during JSFoo 2016 alongwith additional content of creating a similar platform using serverless technologies which would have been a natural progression for Cheapass, had it been alive.

Speaker bio

I’m a product guy with ninja level skills for Full stack Javascript development. I have led teams and built products for, in the past.



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