PyConf Hyderabad 2017

PyConf Hyderabad

Purna Chander


Python Data Analysis and Graphical Plotting using Pandas and Matplotlib.

Submitted Aug 27, 2017

Analysis of a dataset using Numpy, Pandas, IPython and Graphical plotting of the Insights using Matplotlib


  1. Analysis of a DataSet.
  2. Structuring the Data to a readable format ( Unixtimestamps and Datatypes)
  3. Graphical Representation of the data insights.

This tech talk is about reading, joining, analysing different datasets ( csv, xlsx ) using Ipython, Pandas and Numpy and finding the insights in it, with a graphical representation using Matplotlib.
Will also talk about how the Graph lies.


Python 3.x, Ipython, Numpy, Pandas and Matplotlib.

Speaker bio

I am Purna Chander.Kathula working with Pramati Technologies as an Architect - QA. I design and develop customise tools for testing applications using Python and Perl.


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