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Building a Template Engine for Data Visualisation


Vijay Yellepeddi


Template Engines like Jinja/Mako, help us combine HTML and data. It’s 2017. React/Angular/Vue are changing the paradigm of frontend engineering as we know it. Are template engines still relevant?

This talk tries to show how we can still leverage the power of a template engine, to perform one of the most challenging parts of business reporting i.e data visualisation.


This talk gives an intro on how a template engine works i.e simple anatomy of a template engine. It follows up with understanding the needs of business reporting and finally talks about designing a template engine for data visualisations.

Speaker bio

I work as a senior data scientist @ Gramener, a data science company. My day-to-day work involves me putting on multiple hats of a solution architect, a frontend designer/developer and a machine learning engineer.