Meta Refresh 2018

Meta Refresh 2018

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Priyanka Herur


Sh!t designers say

Submitted Sep 30, 2017

This talk will focus on learnings of a lone-developer on 20+ member design team.
I’ve been working as an engineer on multiple product teams for 6 years. During this time, I received feedback from designers such as- “It needs to be more fluid”, “Visual hierarchy is off”. It is confusing to hear this, and I didn’t really try to wrap my head around it. I worked on the feedback without truly understanding the ‘why’ of it. All of this changed when I moved to the Design team as an Experience Developer, a single developer supporting 20+ designers. This is very different from my earlier team, where I was one of the 40+ engineers supported by one or two designers. Moving into this team has sensitized me towards several aspects of design methods, terminology and thinking. This talk will walk you through design principles that I learnt while working with this team through their feedback, how it affected product quality and helped me grow as a developer.


  1. Introduction
  2. Maslow’s Principle for Product Design
  3. Learnings: Multiple design learnings with scenarios and examples such as-
    a. “Move it up by 1px”
    • Where?
    • Why? (Scenarios and examples)
    • Learnings and Design Principles as applicable.

Speaker bio

I’m an Experience Developer working with Adobe. I’ve worked on products and prototypes aimed at providing better workflows for designers.



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