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Battle Plan for Scaling CSS

Submitted Sep 27, 2017

This talk will focus on how you can scale your css when you are dealing with large projects.
A practical guide for scaling your CSS. Meet the new, better practices and tools that will help us keep our sanity while scaling big projects, with emphasis on preprocessors and next-gen CSS like variables and components.


1) Why is there a need to scale CSS?
2) Expectation of a developer - “A practical guide for scaling your CSS”
3) Writing the correct css is pretty easy, but making that work in all the situations for all the people is bit difficult.
4) “A battle plan for scaling css”
5) Remember “Refactor your CSS,Do not rewrite”
5) At the end its your choice to use it in your project :)


Open minded audience to take suggestions :)

Speaker bio

I am currently working at BookMyShow as Senior Developer and have been obsessed with coding since I graduated out of college. I am public speaker discussing tech all time. I love to work with JavaScript and front end technologies like Angular, Backbone, jQuery, React and exploring new frameworks and stacks all the time. I have built my own network of friends in the Mumbai developer community wherever I have attended conferences and hackathons. I also delivered a well received talk at a JS Conf and one full 2-day ES6 workshop and have received great feedback from both these events. I am leading Google Developer Group - WTM Mumbai. I was Speaker at ReactFoo. I am tech blogger (



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