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Meta Refresh 2018

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Aparna Ashok


Applying ethics to technology (Type: Bird of Feather)

Submitted Oct 20, 2018

What do we mean by ethics when we speak about technology? Applied Tech Ethics is a framework that approaches ethics from a human perspective and breaks it down to privacy, security, inclusivity, authenticity, behaviour modification, control and bias.

The question has shifted from ‘why’ ethics to ‘how’ ethics in technology. This session is an invitation for designers and developers to dive deeper into into the risks and opportunities that ‘inclusion’ implies - and share examples or real-life instances of difficult choices or uncomfortable decisions made while designing technology.

Takeaways: This will give you a language to discuss ethics and help you advocate better for the user.


The session will start with a brief overview of the Applied Tech Ethics framework. It would be preferable if the framework can be beamed up on the wall.

The context
- A third of India is coming online for the first time between 2016 -2021
-40% of the poorest population of the country will use digital services to access healthcare

The guiding questions for the discussion will be:
- What are the instances or examples when technology is built to include underserved or marginalised communities?
- What opportunities do you see in embracing inclusion?
- What challenges does it raise? (implications on data ownership, how the data will be used, how to prevent misuse or manipulation)


Any examples or instances of inclusion (or lack of it) or privacy that stood out, shocked you or made you uncomfortable.

Speaker bio

Aparna is a tech anthropologist with a background in design strategy and social entrepreneurship. She studies the interaction between people and digital solutions, the changing nature of technology and its impacts on society. Applied Tech Ethics framework is an output of industry research as part of MA Digital Experience Design at Hyper Island.



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