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Meta Refresh 2018

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Ranjith Raj Vasam


How XR Environments Shape User Behavior

Submitted Oct 20, 2018

This talk is about how immersive reality(VR/AR/MR) will change the design research practices and how it is increasingly important for UX designers to know how to create amazing immersive experiences experiences.

Emerging virtual reality and spatial computing are shaping user expectations and behaviors as they enter an immersive space, changing the way we define user experience. It is a new medium for both potential customers and for software developers. Conventional designs of touch screen and desktop software sometimes do not directly map to VR interactions, as 3D environments within VR often afford substantially different modes of interaction.

Let’s explore using XR as your primary interface for Computer replacing your monitor with a head mounted display, and understand how people use XR for productivity and multitasking like browsing the internet, communications and social interactions, controlling IoT devices etc.

By the end of the session, you’ll be equipped with good knowledge on how to design interactions and products for XR-Enabled future world. You’ll also learn how to use Firefox Reality Browser, Mozilla Hubs to make virtual reality meetups, and combining XR with IoT.


Introduction to XR
2D experiences vs 3D Experiences
New user inputs(voice, look controls etc)
Desgning for 3D Spaces
Immersive Communications on Any Device using Hubs by Mozilla
Browsers for Immersive Reality content using Firefox Reality
Immersive control screens for IoT devices


Nothing, but just passion.

Speaker bio

Ranjith Raj is a XR Developer, speaker for master training XR workshops in various parts of India.

He currently works as Executive Committee Member at Swecha(Free Software Movement of India), Founding member of Open Hardware India and Open Design India. He is a Mozilla Rep, Managing Member at Python Software Foundation, Board member of Opeb Access India.


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