Meta Refresh 2015

The web in your pocket

Aashish Solanki


User Experience Design beyond web & mobile

Submitted Feb 17, 2015

Inspiration to design beyond mobile and web, Design cues to think for non browser/app UX and an overview of product design thinking across the digital future


With the advent of wearables, devices and IOT’s UX is no longer restricted to good old web or mobile. Paradigms have shifted, technologies have been invented and design is critical more than ever.

The talk will focus on how does one design and adapt to these ever growing sea changes, how products don’t just reside in browsers and apps. It will in hindsight look to inspire designers to go beyond the obvious.

We will see examples, find design patterns and in general debate the design thinking applied. This session will not be an “how to” or an “casestudy” but a genuine attempt to leap into the future and see where UX is heading and how we can cope up with it.

If time permits might do a design activity or two apart from the mandatory humour.


Sense of humour, Passion for design

Speaker bio

Founder & Principal Designer @ NetBramha Studios
Founder @ {a design community}


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