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Taran J Singh


Think out of the Glass | Natural Experiences

Submitted Jan 15, 2015

Showcasing a transformational shift of focus from machine oriented experience development for ‘Glass devices’, to human centric experience development. Leveraging human senses to create natural experiences which are more closer and engaging to humans. And hence coining the term: 'Design for humans’


The metaphor of box has transformed into Glass.. or the display of tablets & mobiles, and this has contained our thinking as well. We try to create an app or website for anything and everything new.
This session is about an alternate future of experience development, where we design for humans instead of containing experiences inside glass box:
1: making technology imvisible and seamlessly integrated into our lives.
2: leveraging human senses of smell, touch, hear and taste to create experiences apart from visually seeing them?
3: utilizing the potential of eversensing world of IOT, instrumented intelligence, computer vision, physical computing.
1: engage specially abled people or people from any lingual or demography, equally.
2: create more human centric natural experiences with steeper or no learning curve at all
3: Give more control to us humans over the experience.



Speaker bio

I come from a diverse background of Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Programming, Fine Arts & Design. And what I do is to amalgamate and leverage each one of these to create smarter, intuitive, interactive Visualizations and Blended Experiences.

I am an Architect XT - eXperience Technology, and primarily work with Instrumented Intelligence Function and Experience Research Function for Sapient Nitro.


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