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Studying Google Material Design and Exploring how you can take advantage of it today


Lakshman Prasad


  • To understand various aspects of Google Material Design
  • To understand how it can be achieved using CSS
  • To explore how it is implemented in some of the Open Source Design frameworks ( implemented using Angularjs, Polymer, React)
  • Understand how you can utilize these frameworks today and/or take away parts of the relevant design specs/implementations


Google is out to redesign entirely based on a design language called Material Design. Unified consistent design that works seamlessly across devices and is intutive has been a need of the hour.

In this session we explore the need for such a design language, the various aspects to it, how it can be implemented in your apps today.

Speaker bio

Lakshman Prasad works as a Software Architect at a management consulting firm. He has been working to deliver solid technology solutions in the entire stack for the most part of the decade.