Meta Refresh 2015

The web in your pocket

Ramanpreet Singh


simple yet elegant ..

Submitted Jan 21, 2015

We are human beings. We are creatures of habit, and web have been here for so long that we have got stuck in some bad ones. I aim to make a call to your subconscious.


I believe in kiss. Keeping it simple and stupid. That is how I write my code, make my UI, drink my coffee, take my photographs and live my life. I plan to take you through a journey of how web can do things beyond the web. I plan to show you a glimpse of that first step to the future. I plan to tell you how difficult simple can be. I plan to present how simple is the ultimate elegance. But then, the ones who follow the plan always reach the destination and that is not how discoveries are made.


a dream.

Speaker bio

It takes a rebel to start a war. With 7 years of web and 17 years of computing, I am starting one.


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