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Siddharth Banerjee

Hands on development of a video chat application using WebRTC

Submitted Jan 21, 2015

I’d like this to be a practical introduction to WebRTC.
A video chat application will allow users to face and solve real challenges while working with WebRTC.
We’ll code along with the participants.


We’ll start with a problem description. (Assuming I have my colleague building a mobile client along with me)
We’ll architect the applicaiton, both on server and the client side.
We’ll code the server first.
Client will be coded next.
We’ll demonstrate a simple 1 to 1 text chat first over web sockets. This will serve as an introduction to web sockets for people who haven’t been exposed to the same yet. It is important to understand both client and server side nuances as this is what most beginners struggle with.
We’ll then write code to stream video content between server and client.
Hopefully many other users will be able to code (at least the server) along with us.
We’ll personally solve the issues faced by them and also take other questions.

Speaker bio

Siddharth Banerjee,
CTO, Wow Labz
Linked In Profile:

Roshit Omanakuttan,
Mobile Lead, Wow Labz
Linked In Profile:


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