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Kiran A



Submitted Jan 12, 2015

  • Showcasing awesome.js library which can
    Responsive image solution
    Capture image path value from json and load it dynamically
    Low resolution to high resolution switcher. If the device is retina display then it loads the retina image and for other devices/browsers it loads the high resolution images provided.
    Support small breakpoint landscape mode
    Support XL breakpoint
    Support iFrame lazyload
    Have base path for images to reduce repetitive base path tagged with images.
    Background image support and you can lazy load that too
    Retina Support
    Angular support
    Completely customizable options where users can change the default settings.
    Support all modern browsers (desktop and touch devices) IE8 and above
    Only native JS – No jQuery or any library dependency. For Angular, users have to download angular in their package but we provide the angular directive.


How about a Library which can do all of the above mentioned items and all around 4KB(compressed file)

Speaker bio

I am Kiran, a JS enthusiast. Knowing and experimenting new things in the FE space has been my passion. I love the concept of framework and open source.


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