Zainab Bawa

Zainab Bawa


Tips and tricks to change perfectionism

Submitted Apr 28, 2021

Below are some suggestions on how to change perfectionist behaviours:

  1. Relaxing the unrelenting high standards and thinking in shades of grey.
  2. Be prepared to try new things.
  3. Commitment of time and effort - are you ready for change? Changing perfectionist behaviours will involve tolerating discomfort for some time.
  4. Make a thought diary, listing the positive and negative consequences of pursuing unrelenting high standards/perfectionism.
  5. List the personal benefits and costs you anticipate if you loosen unrelenting high standards/perfectionism.

#4 and #5 will help you decide whether you are really ready for change.

Now, set goals for change:

  1. Choose a general area to work on first.
  2. Adjust your unrelenting high standards associated with this area.
  3. Identify the perfectionism behaviour you wish to work upon.
  4. Identify a specific goal towards reducing this perfectionism behaviour.
  5. Set a time frame.

If you have questions about perfectionism, post them in comments on

Tarique Sani’s slides on perfectionism are available on


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