Kilter 2017

Kilter 2017

On health, nutrition and fitness

Gowri Kulkarni


Woman's Health

Submitted Mar 16, 2017

Discussion regarding woman’s health with emphasis on preventive health. Touching on common issues such as Vitamin deficiencies, Thyroid issues, PCOS, Osteoporosis, Cancer screening, stress and depression, post partum blues etc


Understanding different common health issues
Way to healthy living
Preventive health management


Laptop/projector to show the PPT
white board and marker as it would be an interactive session

Speaker bio

Dr Gowri Kulkarni is A spirited medical professional who feels that the art of medicine is what makes her the doctor that she is. To hone her skills for the science of medicine she has pursued a post graduate degree in psychiatry and training in psycholigical counselling. She is a family medicine specialist with an international degree from the royal college of general practitioners, London. Dr Gowri practices holistic approach and believes that it is about treating the patient than the disease.



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