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Kilter 2017

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Nupur Paul


Fun. Fit. Fab. - An enduring step into the world of fitness.

Submitted Mar 15, 2017

With increasing desk jobs, unhealthy food habits and sedentry lifestyles, following fitness in some or the other form is becoming necessity of the day. Everyone realises this, but most fail to regularise fitness into their every day life. Resistances, be the psychological or physiological ones, eventually kill the spirit through most forms of fitness pursuits. Lack of interesting workout options or monotony in most workout formats tend to kill the long term commitment that fitness demands.

What, then makes for a ‘fun’ work out that leaves one feeling ‘fit’ and ‘fab’ at the end of it?

With an unending variety of music, Zumba can bring in ‘fun’ to one’s fitness pursuits. A non-steady, yet well planned pace through a session ensures 'fit’ness is achieved. Time and space requirement is a big factor that deters away any form of resistance that tends to come into practice with most other workout formats.

This session would be complemented with before and after examples of those who took up Zumba as an initiating step into their pursuit of fitness. Key take-aways for audience are that being fit can come with having fun; that feeling fab is always just one dance step away.


  1. A short and simple storyline of a day in a person’s life in today’s age
  2. Effects of this lifestyle (that most of usare aware of, yet not conscious about)
  3. Examples of characters in above storyline venturing into different forms of fitness which eventually are not pursued beyond a point of time.
  4. Highlighting reasons of resistances that come in the way of long term commitment towards fitness
  5. Characteristics of a workout format, especially for beginners into world of fitness, that can help them reach the stage of continued pursuit / engagement / habit of a fitness activity
  6. Zumba and how it meets above characteristics
  7. Real life examples that bring alive the characters from the storyline that began in 1)



Speaker bio

Nupur is a techie turned fitness specialist. Her life witnessed a turn-around when she realised one day that her techie job and eventual lifestyle was affecting her health with long term bad effects. Most of her ventures to add a fitness activity in her schedule were turning into failures after a period of time. She noticed this was the case with most of her friends and colleagues. It was when she found Zumba, that she realised working out can be fun. She noticed immediate effects in her well-being, both mental and physical. Now, on a mission to spread the joy and benefits of a fit life through this fun workout, Nupur is a noted expert in the field of Zumba.


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