Kilter 2017

Kilter 2017

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Arthi Venkataraman

@arthi Proposing

Fitness and Pregnancy

Submitted Mar 17, 2017

Talk covers about the positive impact of fitness and sports both during and after pregnancy. It also talks upon the concepts of recovery from injuries and Active rest.
How it can be achieved. What kind of habits and nutritions can help in this process.
This is from the life experiences of the speaker who was a leading tennis player , Ekalavya awardee, former India number 1 and internationally ranked coach. Archana is a mother of 1 son. She was able to get back to peak fitness and competitive levels in under 6 months post pregancy. She has also recovered from multiple injuries during her sporting career.


Back ground of Speaker
Challenges faced prior to pregnancy
Post partum blues
Habits , Nutrition and Excercises during pregancy
Habits , Nutrition and Excercises post pregancy
Fight back to full fitness levels and competitive sports
Injuries faced
Recovery actions



Speaker bio

Archana is a former India number 1 lawn tennis player. She has won many international titles and has been a WTA ranked tennis player. SHe is a former national champion.She is an internationally certified tennis coach. She is also selected as tutor by AITA to train aspiring coaches. She is an Ekalavya awardee.


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