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Slack Attack

Submitted by Lochan Baratakke (@lochanb) on Feb 18, 2017

Section: Workshops Technical level: Beginner Status: Confirmed


Looks like a Tightrope, but it’s a Slackline. Looking for balance in life? How about you see how well you can stand on a flat piece of rope 1-2 inches wide and walk across? Oh, you can walk it? Why don’t you try sitting on it. Oh that’s easy too? How about you bounce on it? Well, there’s so much to explore on the slackline - balance, spatial ability, focus, breathing, posture, a whole bunch of tricks - whatever you can imagine. A meditation, sport and art-form all rolled into one, Slacklining is a new-age tool for the body and mind. YouTube slacklining, be inspired, and come!


  • Warm up/Stretching
  • Slacklining Primer - History, forms, rigs, etc.
  • Demo: The Mount
  • Trials
  • Demo: Stabilizing the line
  • Trials
  • Demo: Walking the line
  • Trials
  • Demo: The turn
  • Trials
  • Demo: The longline mount


None. You don’t need slippers, no shoes, nothing. Just come in something loose and comfortable.

Speaker bio

Lochan is an Uh - that’s what you’ll hear first when you ask him what he does. A Yoga practitioner, guitar player, cyclist, juggler, slackliner, ex-UX guy, wanna-be farmer, DIY evangelist - well! - an Uh.


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