Kilter 2017

Kilter 2017

On health, nutrition and fitness

Ella Allred


Microbiome, gut function and immunity

Submitted Feb 18, 2017

The microbiome is considered one of the most important aspects to health. Research suggests that it plays a deeper role than genetics with regards to switching genes on and off, the way your immune system will react to the environment and your own body tissues, and how the diet controls microbiome, and microbiome controls diet.


Where it all starts- the moment of conception with the placenta micrombiome, birth methods, feeding methods and the envionment around us.
The involvement of the mirobiome on gut function and nutrient availability.
The involvement of the microbiome on the immune system and T helper cell regulation.
How the diet controls microbiome.
How the microbiome controls the diet.
How to correct an out of balance microbiome with foods
Types of microbiome in foods and which food for which part of the gut.

Speaker bio

Qualified Nutritional Theraprist who specialises in autoimmune conditions. Since graduating in 2013, I have been able to live my passion and coach autoimmune patients into remission. As a renowed national speaker and lecturer, I am able to combine my passtimes of stand up comedy with science to create an exiting learning environment.



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