JSFoo Pune 2020

On component architecture, performance, security for front-end, and emerging trends

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MCCIA Trade Tower, Pune

Working with large Monorepos for web development

Jai Santhosh, Software developer at Microsoft Research

29 July 2020

Codemods: a paradigm shift in migrating large codebases

Rajasegar Chandiran, front-end developer at Freshworks

1 August 2020

Break down to take down

Pulkit Kashyap, software engineer at Wingify

7 August 2020

Project Langdon:'React'ing to linguistic diversity and conservation

Nikhil Lanjewar, technology agnostic fullstack developer

28 July 2020

Purescript: JS you can reason about

Paul Victor, data scientist at Juspay

31 July 2020

Revert back to REST or resume GraphQL

Abhay Nikam, software engineer at BigBinary

11 August 2020

On NixOS

14 August 2020

Optional chaining and null coalescing: using ESNext already

Santosh Viswanatham, senior development engineer at Pramati

4 August 2020

Building accessible widgets

Deepika Beelwan, accessibility consultant at Deque

9 August 2020

On version control

Ankita Goyal, Amdocs

14 August 2020

How a mouth harp works

Nikhil Lanjewar

28 July 2020