JSFoo Pune 2020

JSFoo Pune 2020

On component architecture, performance, security for front-end, and emerging trends

Abhay Nikam


Revert back to REST or resume GraphQL?

Submitted Feb 10, 2020

GraphQL. Many of us have heard, used and are still using GraphQL in production. Why do we use GraphQL? Well, we get tons of advantage over REST and when we see the advantages we sure hop on it faster.

Our team used GraphQL in our app in production and then one day we decided to switch back revert GraphQL and replace it back with REST.

In this talk, I would like to focus on some key points which led us to revert back to REST and discard GraphQL from the application.


In this talk, we would not be speaking about why GraphQL is great(we know it is great) but rather we would be more focused what were some difficulties we faced while using GraphQL and why we had a call to revert back to REST and remove GraphQL.

  1. Introduction
  2. Why revert GraphQL?
  3. Thumb rules to decide: GraphQL or REST.

Speaker bio

Abhay is a Ruby on Rails and Frontend developer. He is passionate about learning new technologies and tries to contribute to the open-source community. Abhay loves basketball and is a huge fan of Golden State Warriors NBA team. He also loves travelling and playing outdoor sports like basketball, cricket.


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