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Suroor Wijdan


WebAR: The Augmented Reality for your Browser

Submitted Apr 21, 2019

This talk takes you on a journey of modern day AR applications and what it has to offer for the Web. We will quickly go through general Mixed Reality concepts for VR and AR, particularly from the perspective of a web developer. Though AR is hard, tools, libraries and API’s like WebXR, A-Frame VR from Mozilla, AR.js, Argon.js make it easy for a web developer to create interesting and meaningful experiences on the web. We will go through the possibilities that the web offers today in terms of Mixed Reality and what use-cases we can solve using AR. The talk will end with a Demo and a brief review of the code behind it.

Talk End: Resources to learn and tools that you can use in your apps.


  • Intro to Mixed Reality
  • What are VR and AR?
  • Web as a platform for AR?
  • AR from the Perspective of a Web Developer - What is possible and what tools and libraries are available.
  • What kind of experiences we can create on Web - Possible use-cases that AR fits in. (this would be an interactive section, where the audience would take part )
  • What are we doing with AR?
  • Future of AR on Web.
  • DEMO - Code Review
  • Tips and Resources


Intermediate knowledge of JavaScript.

Speaker bio

Suroor is the founder of Xencov Software and previously was the CTO for US based ThinkU gaming startup. He likes to live on the cutting edge of the technology. Regular open-source contributor, speaker at meetups and also a MongoDB certified developer. He brings in massive experience of building scalable web applications using Node.js and has spent last 4 years of his career building web and mobiles games for different geographies. In free time, he likes to travel and often read about international politics.




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