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Dave Nielsen

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Redis Cache and Beyond

Submitted Aug 22, 2019

According to Stack Overflow users, Redis has been ‘The Most Loved Database’ 3 years in a row. And it just celebrated 2 Billion Docker pulls from Docker Hub. But what makes Redis so popular? Could it be its 10 highly common data structures? Or nearly 300 optimized commands? Or is it because it’s so easy to use and operate? In this talk, Suyog Kale will share 10 common use cases, demo the 2 most popular use cases, and leave you with some impressive tricks that you probably haven’t thought of before.


  1. 10 Common Use Cases
  2. 10 Data Structures
  3. Why is Redis cache so popular?
  4. Demo: Nodejs code to show shopping cart sumary from MySQL; and Nodejs code to inject caching using Redis
  5. Redis for User Session Store - demo ExpressJS
  6. Redis as Persistence DB - Show how to save data to Redis before responding to page
  7. Closing demo - Leaderboard - Lets all play!
  8. Show URL to download your slides and code


This is not a workshop, but if attendees want to follow along, they should have Redis and nodejs installed on their laptop.

Speaker bio

Suyog Kale is a Solutions Architect at Redis Labs. He has more than 15 years experience with services and product development companies. Suyog has used Redis on the job for the past 2 years to solve many different problems and says “I am in love with Redis”. He has a wife and lovely daughter who is in 2nd grade. He loves traveling, learning new things and to help the community.




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