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Jasper Schulte


Controlling a swarm of drones with JavaScript

Submitted Mar 28, 2019

We’re pretty used to drones flying around us by now. Until now most of these drones were still controlled by a human operator. But what if we could control them solely using our code? In this talk I will show how to control multiple drones using JavaScript. With the help of Node.js we’ll send commands to the drones and read back their telemetry. I will talk about the difficulties of flying and keeping control of a drone completely without human interference. In the second part we will actually send the drones flying and I’ll ask two audience members to participate in a small ‘drone’ game.


First of all, it’s JavaScript! :) Over the years I found that a lot of coders are really interested in using their code to control stuff (hardware) in the real world. And if that hardware happens to be a drone it becomes even more exciting. I’ll take along the audience showing them what it takes to fly a drone with code. And the result is quite spectacular: Several drones flying together on stage.


These drones are very small and therefore not very powerful. They also have a cage around them protecting them from the outside world and vice versa. Because of these two points they are completely safe (but very spectacular) to fly on stage

Speaker bio

Hacker Founder. During the day I’m CTO of GreenHome, a sustainable scale up from Amsterdam, during the evening I build my own drones and try to do all kind of fun stuff with them.




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