JSFoo 2019

JSFoo 2019

On component architecture, front-end engineering and Developer Experience (DX)



Uday Bhaskhar Pydi


Building Scalable and Performant Micro-Frontends With React - A retro of Moengage Web Application

Submitted Mar 14, 2019

My talk will be more focussed on:

  • All about react rendering
  • Performance Optimisations in React
  • How to use React life cycles perfectly
  • Monitoring and debugging React applications
  • Approach to micro frontend architecture

I will also be sharing the journey of front end application of MoEngage, how we scaled from a 12 members startup to a million dollar company.
I will also give a demo of the micro frontend architecture of MoEngage and few debugging and monitoring tools that we configured for performance and production bugs.



Speaker bio

I am a javascript enthusiast and Senior Frontend Developer at Moengage Inc. I have been one of the key player in scaling the application of MoEngage and helping it out in emerging as a million dollar company. I am the Founder of Goefco and Castmypost and has built the complete product from scratch. I work on many open source projects as well. So my talk will be very helpful for the startups who want to scale and are looking for a right platform to do it.




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