JSFoo: VueDay 2019

JSFoo: VueDay 2019

A day spent discussing Vue.js, developments in the Vue ecosystem and component architecture



Gokul Kathirvel


Ember and Vue: A Real World Comparison

Submitted May 8, 2019

With the recent changes to the frameworks (Latest Vue and Ember Octane edition), they share a lot of things and started to utilize native platform features such as ES Classes, decorators, etc., So In this talk, We’ll build a real world application in Both Vue and Ember (side by side) and visualize how simple to use the knowledge gained from one framework can be applied to another. The key takeaway would be confidence in learning a new Framework, Ember without much friction as a Vue developer.



  • Why we choose Vue
  • What is Ember
  • What’s a deal with Ember for a Vue Developer

Live Coding (Both Framework)

  • Creation of Projects
  • Creating Route/Page
  • Creating Component
  • Design Components using various framework features
    • Computed Props, Watchers
    • Event Listeners
    • Templating
    • and more...
  • Managing State
  • Deploying (if time permits)


PS: Shared slides of a previous presentation at AwesomeConf, where I built a simple component to visualize these changes. Now, we’ll be building a fairly real worl application.


  • Intermediate knowledge of Vue framework as we’ll be building the app with that assumption
  • No prior Ember knowledge required.

Speaker bio

Here is a Chennai based frontend developer working at Zoho Corp. I build stuff using Ember.js and Vue.js. I love creating browser extensions. Curious about Web Performance. Also, helping in maintaining https://ember-twiddle.com




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