JSFoo: VueDay 2019

JSFoo: VueDay 2019

A day spent discussing Vue.js, developments in the Vue ecosystem and component architecture

Honey Thakuria


Building Modular Universal SPA using Nuxt.JS

Submitted Aug 3, 2019

Building a fully-fledged application that is server-side rendered, having state management taken care of with the modular architecture is always the end goal of a team/individual to build long-lasting production-ready projects.

With my experience of building few such projects, I would like to give the audience a sense to choose the correct approach to get started with their next project using Nuxt.JS for creating modular SSR, SPA or Prerendered application.


1) Introduction to Single Page Application(SPA).
2) Detailed comparision between Client Side Rendering(CSR) & Server Side Rendering(SSR) wrt performance, cost and other factors.
3) Discussion over taking a decision of choosing between CSR & SSR for the new project.
4) Intro to Nuxt.JS & it’s directory structure.
5) Understanding the Lifecycle Hooks of Nuxt.JS & Vue.
6) Live Demo explaining the points 4 & 5 with emphasis on nuxtServerInit, store action to render data on the server side.
7) A walkthrough over the best practices to keep in mind while starting the Nuxt.JS Project.

Speaker bio

I am a Full Stack Developer having 4+ years of experience in building enterprise-level apps with the cutting edge technologies, currently working as a Software Engineer 2 with AirAsia in Bangalore. I do write blogs for the leading publications like FreeCodeCamp, Codeburst.io, Hackernoon. You can find them at https://honeythakuria.com/blogs/. Also, being a believer of opensource, you can find out my projects at https://github.com/honey93





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