JSFoo: VueDay 2019

JSFoo: VueDay 2019

A day spent discussing Vue.js, developments in the Vue ecosystem and component architecture

About JSFoo: VueDay

JSFoo: Vueday is a single track conference about VueJS. The conference will feature talks on:

  1. The present state of the Vue ecosystem; about the future of Vue and how developers can participate.
  2. Case studies of why organizations have picked VueJS over other frameworks; how to build enterprise-scale apps with VueJS.
  3. Leveraging Vue CLI, customising Vue configuration and leveraging other aspects of VueJS for developer productivity.
  4. Web components and Vue; reactivity in Vue; building plugins.

Speakers from Zomato, Myntra, Flock, Zeta Zoomcar, Cloudnaut Technologies and other companies will share their experiences of working with different aspects of VueJS, and how VueJS has aided front-end development in their organizations.

Who should attend VueDay:

JSFoo: VueDay is a conference for front-end developers who are:

  1. Working with VueJS
  2. Working with Angular, React and other frameworks and components, and are interested in understanding VueJS
  3. Building enterprise-scale apps
  4. Front-end engineering managers who want to understand developer productivity with VueJS

Event details:

Date: Friday, 30 August
Venue: Bangalore International Centre (BIC), Domlur, Bangalore
Time: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM


Sponsorship slots are open, click here for the Sponsorship Deck.
Email sales@hasgeek.com for bulk ticket purchases, and sponsoring 2019 edition of JSFoo:VueDay.

JSFoo:VueDay 2019 sponsors:

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For more details, contact HasGeek on info@hasgeek.com or jsfoo.editorial@hasgeek.com; call 7676332020.

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Ruphaa Ganesh


Atomic Design using Vue

Submitted Aug 5, 2019

Atomic design is an evolutionary approach of breaking down interfaces into fundamental building blocks and build the system bottom-up. It helps us to build consistent, solid and reusable design systems. This has gained a lot of strength and popularity in recent days.
The Single File Component structure of Vue makes this approach a powerful ally for developers. Let me demonstrate how the union of the autonomous components of Vue works perfectly with Atomic Design.


Framework that I’ll be following for the presentation:
1) Introduce the problem/inconvenience in the traditional/existing system
2) How does Atomic Design solve this problem (Introduces Atomic Design and its terminology)
3) Why do I prefer Vue over the other frameworks to build with Atomic design?
4) Demo explaining Atomic Design in Vue’s context in detail - how is it helpful in build scalable, responsive and modular app
5) Good and Bad of Atomic Design

Speaker bio

I work for Freshworks as a Frontend Software Engineer.
Co-organizer of EmberJS Meetup Chennai.
I’m so passionate about coding, books and Yoga.





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Hemant Rai

Tips and tricks to customise Vue configuration

Are you building large-scale Vue.js app? Is the default configuration for Vue.js and its ecosystem not good enough for your use-case? Have you tinkered with configs to achieve more than what comes out of the box? Or are you simply interested in what more does Vue.js has to offer? more

05 Aug 2019