JSFoo Pune 2019

JSFoo Pune 2019

JSFoo is a JavaScript conference hosted by HasGeek.

Ratan Kulshreshtha


End-to-End testing made easy with Nightwatch.

Submitted Sep 23, 2018

Testing is a crucial part of the whole development process and at the same time its cumbersome and pain in some parts of the anatomy, as you have to deal with ever-changing requirements thus an automates test suit comes handy in such situations while you sit back and search for your next aahaa moments.
NIghtwatch is a nodejs based tool that can help you in automating your end to end testing.

Expected outcomes
This session would enable attendees to make their life easier by letting them automate their front end E2E tests with ease as Nightwatch.js provide very rich APIs for browser-based apps and websites.


  • What And Why?
  • Features
  • Getting Started
  • Writing Your First Test
  • Data Driven Tests
  • Customisation
  • Demo
  • Resources
  • Questions And Feedback


Resources required
A laptop, internet connection and open mind.

Speaker bio

Hi, my name is Ratan Kulshreshtha I can say these things about myself I am
• n00b Pythonista
• Djangonaut
• Linux User
• Photographer
• Artist
• Adventurer





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