JSFoo Pune 2019

JSFoo is a JavaScript conference hosted by HasGeek.

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Why did we choose Vue.js?


Bhavik Shah


Technologies rapidly change. Especially the ones for web. A new java script framework gets introduced every now and then. However, very few web frameworks have been able to captured attention for time span longer than few months. Angular, React and Vue.js are few of those.

We hope the answer to the question “Why we chose Vue.js?” while building https://appkaro.com can help many others.


Talk Agenda
- Brief History of JavaScript Frameworks
- Angular vs React vs Vue.js
- Technical Advantages of Vue.js
- Economic Advantags of Vue.js
- Practical Advantages of Vue.js
- Pitfalls of Vue.js

Our experience of building https://appkaro.com

Speaker bio

Industry veteran with 16 years of diverse enterprise product development experience.
Otherwise a simple geek who loves to talk about technology.

Currently also the
Founder & CTO of a Startup.
Creator of https://appkaro.com
SusthitSoft Technologies Private Limited