JSFoo 2018

JSFoo 2018

On JavaScript and Security

Architecture of scalable and resilient NodeJS apps with GraphQL & event-driven serverless

Shahidh K Muhammed, engineer at Hasura

39 minutes30 October 2018

New kids in browserland

Swapnil Agarwal, software engineer at Meesho

23 minutes31 October 2018

Writing the HasGeek app with NativeScript

Arnav Gupta, co-founder at Coding Blocks

7 minutes31 October 2018

Sponsored talk: MySQL 8 loves JavaScript

Sanjay Manwani, developer evangelism at Oracle

30 minutes31 October 2018

Rethink Async

Hemanth HM, software developer at PayPal

26 minutes30 October 2018

Sponsored talk: Using Service Workers to improve dynamic image delivery in the browser

Rahul Nanwani, co-founder at

37 minutes30 October 2018

Authentication done right: consuming (and serving) Oauth2.0

Arnav Gupta, co-founder at Coding Blocks

39 minutes30 October 2018

Building robust applications using Elm

Ritesh Pillai, senior software developer at BigBinary.

37 minutes31 October 2018

VueJS at Olacabs

Ashrith Kulai, engineer at Olacabs

26 minutes30 October 2018

ReasonML: Strict, powerful, and forgiving.

Hari Gopal, engineering lead at SV.CO

40 minutes31 October 2018

The audit-driven approach to security design

Dominic Tarr, security auditor at LeastAuthority

31 minutes30 October 2018

What makes JSON Web Tokens (JWT) secure?

Siddharth Kshetrapal, software engineer at Auth0

34 minutes30 October 2018

Building a secure BFF at Postman

Ankit Muchhala, software developer at Postman

37 minutes30 October 2018

Quick fixes to improve page load time

Tejas Dinkar, Head of Technology at Quintype

42 minutes31 October 2018

One code to rule them all - developing native Android / iOS app + Web App with a common codebase

Shyam Seshadri, CEO at ReStok

14 minutes31 October 2018

Complex Features Made Easy With RxJS

Ben Lesh, RxJS Lead at Google

36 minutes31 October 2018

Web Workers : a graphical introduction

Ritesh Kumar, Lead Software Engineer at Anarock

28 minutes31 October 2018

The art of writing mature tests

Deepak Pathania, product engineer at Postman

39 minutes30 October 2018

Demystifying web application security

Shyam Seshadri, CEO at ReStok

35 minutes30 October 2018
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